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Shannon Kalayanamitr

Founder and Group Chief Marketing Officer



Shannon Kalayanamitr is Founder and Group Marketing Officer of MOXY Asia, a women-focused online shopping destination in the region. Taking inspiration from MOXY’s original definition - which connotes ambition and courage, Shannon is the very embodiment of these qualities. Shannon leads a team of over 450 people and has placed MOXY alongside the ranks of Lazada and Zalora. 


Shannon has a strong background in finance, an industry dominated by men but she was hardly daunted. Instead she found it in her to want to help women break into male dominated industries with confidence so that they could fulfill their ambitions.


Prior to MOXY, Shannon worked at Singha Beer where she learned the know-hows of marketing while her experience with tech and ecommerce began at Lazada where she was tasked to launch the platform in Thailand. With a deep understanding of the Asian tech-startup landscape, Shannon continues to grow MOXY under her strong leadership.